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What Is It?
Self-Care Saturday is a weekly segment INCLUSIVITY does to bring awareness to personal health. Since “self-care is the best care” we try to promote it as much as possible.
What’s the Purpose?
The purpose is to encourage the community that their self-care matters and that self-care can be depicted in different ways.
Camera Shy?
If you are camera shy, no problem! You can still share your routine without exposing who you are. But remember, we are here to support you, not judge you.
How Do I Participate?
Fill out the short questionnaire below and give a brief description of what you would like to talk about, and we will email you back with more details on how you want us to share your routines and if you would like to stay anonymous.
Don’t Know What To Do?
Do something you love! Since self-care can be portrayed in many ways, do something that makes you happy. It can be a recipe that you love or even a list of your favorite reads! There is always self-care advice to be given.

What Brings You Joy?

Share with us something that makes you happy! Whether that be planting, shopping, or pure relaxation routines.
Fill out the required boxes and send us a short description of what routine you want to do, and our wonderful team will reach out to you to tell you the next steps.

*Make sure you put your primary email so we can stay in context with you throughout this process. We promise we will not spam you :)

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