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Buddy System

What Is It?
The Buddy System is a program that is designed to help mentor scholars as well as provide a safe space where they can talk freely to their mentees.
What’s the Purpose?
The purpose is to encourage young scholars to aim for their dreams since they will have mentors that will help guide them on their path.
Will I Meet My Buddy In Person? 
Since all of our Buddies live in different states, we do everything virtual. This includes; study sessions, guest speakers, life lessons, one on one support, and movie and game nights.
How Do We Do This?
We try to pair our mentees with mentors that have the same interest, that way not only do mentees have someone who is in the process of achieving their goal but the mentees will also have someone who will help guide them in the right path because we want to see our scholars succeed.
How Do I Participate? 
We are currently not accepting Mentor applications, but you can still participate by donating to help raise money to supply our Buddies with the materials they need in order to be successful. Can't donate right now? No problem! Sharing our page and bringing attention to what INCLUSIVITY Inc. is trying to do is one of the best forms of participation. <3
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