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How To Be COZY and NOT COMFORTABLE This Upcoming Fall

By: Deja Dodson

Fall and winter are typically the times of the year that seasonal depression comes in the door full force without an invitation. But, there is no need to fear because Deja’s Daily Doses are here to help you learn how to be COZY this season and NOT COMFORTABLE.

Here I will lay out some tips for our daily doses to help anyone stay motivated this season and not allow the dark skies and cold weather to stop their grind. Also, remember that every

day will not be the perfect day but as long as you know when you are down, you can only go up, you will be okay.

1.“Consistency is hard when nobody is clapping for you. So you have to learn to clap for yourself.”

During the fall/winter season, there are many family and friend get-togethers that occur, especially when it gets closer to the holiday season. If you are unable to spend time with those people or begin to feel lonely, you start to find joy in spending time with yourself. Once you enjoy your own company, you no longer seek validation from others. It is hard for you to stay focused and consistent on what you have going on, so like the dose states, you have to learn to clap for yourself.

2. “Acknowledge where you are in your journey, although it is not where you want to be.”

It is okay for you not to have reached your goals, especially when the end of this year is close to the New Year. It is easy to compare yourself to others’ accomplishments when they run down everything they have crossed off their list for the year. Remember that God will not place anything you cannot handle on you (I am Christian, so I believe in God, but this can apply to all religious and spiritual beliefs). So maybe that business you started did not work because he knew it was going to blow, and you were not mentally prepared for that at the time and needed to teach you something else. Or maybe that relationship did not work because if you did not learn how to handle heartbreak, you would not evolve into a better person for your soulmate. So, remember to appreciate the good, bad, and ugly of where you are in life and take it all one day at a time.

3. “We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated.”

This quote is my absolute favorite. I love it so much that I got it tattooed on my arm. It is from Maya Angelou. Whenever I begin to get too comfortable, I remember whatever obstacle I am being thrown is something I cannot allow to defeat me. During the cold weather, you may have obstacles or defeats, loved ones passing, gaining holiday pounds, money troubles, dark days, and much more. Try to give yourself a set amount of time to deal with those problems. Like honestly deal with them because if you don’t, they will live in your subconscious mind, and you will never grow from it. The goal of overcoming defeats is not to brush past them and move on. You cannot move on from things, but you have to learn instead to move with them. So remember to take this new “defeat” and not be defeated but move with it and grow with it.

Life may get tough, but I believe God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers, and I believe this with my whole heart because it’s shown through me. I have been in a battle where I just wanted to give up. I got comfortable with being sad. I was there to learn how to grow to better myself. I needed to go through that to be a living testament that things may get hard and you have a sad story, but so does everyone, so how will you deal with it.

This upcoming season takes these tips and share them with your friends and call on each other. Remember to get cozy and not comfortable. If you like this kind of content, you can find more on and check me out on Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @dejadailydose.

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